Bossier City and Shreveport, LA

Bossier City and Shreveport, LA

Well this is a brand new topic for eyejabber. Since I love to gamble I
thought “”might as well share with everyone””.

This past weekend, I visited the Bossier City/Shreveport, LA area. Great
combination of two close cities.

From College Station, it took about 3 1/2 hours to get there. From Dallas I
think its about a 2 hour drive. Once in the city you have many casino choices. I
wanted to make a quick stop at the Isle
of Capri
for my free $20. (Dudemac tip and almost everyone’s tip: Join the
Slot Club, Players Club or what ever they call it. You will get a card with your
name on it, and they will send you stuff like cheap room rates or free money)

The Isle is a nice casino, however if a lot of smoke bothers you then this
place will kill you. But the buffet is very good, we ate lunch there for 8 bucks
per person. The food was good, fresh, and hot. Lots of good ol’ Cajun cooking
here. The deserts were the best part, of course I always think that. On Saturday
around noon, there were a good number a $5 tables and the place was not very
crowded. If you have never been on a river boat, the smaller area might not
appeal to you. However, the Isle does have plenty of waitress on hand to keep
you from going thirsty. Waitresses were so-so, some good looking so not so.

After about an hour at the Isle, we drove 100 yards down the road to BoomTown.
Newly remodeled on an old casino site, boomtown in the place I liked best. As
soon as we walked in, I knew we should have eaten here instead. The buffet
smelled great, I took a quick look to see that it was overflowing with goodies.
Boomtown like the Isle is smoky, but not as bad. Right as you walk in, the first
thing I noticed were all the latest Slot games. Then I came to my senses and
noticed the hot and sexy outfits the waitresses had on. Picture this, Corset
top, with cleavage overflowing, some type of shoulder jacket, then butt less
chaps with satin panties covering their ass. My jaw dropped, then my wife’s jaw
dropped. These are the best outfits of any casino I have been too, including Vegas.
Most of the ladies were in their 20’s and great looking. Of course you will
always see the older ones there trying to fit into that outfit one last year, or
the girl who should loose around 50 pounds then get a new outfit. No matter
where you go, these waitress variables are always there. But I have gotten a
little off track. The casino is nice and bright, with lots of table games well
spread out and several $5 tables. At 2pm it was not very crowded until the
midday drawing of Clinko came around. Everyday at Noon, 3pm and 6pm there is a
drawing for a random person to play Clinko (you drop a puck into this maze of
spikes trying to win money) Again here is where that players card comes into
play. You have to sign up to get entries. After not winning Clinko, I sat down
at my favorite game of Roulette and was doing very well for a couple of hours.
My wife messaged me on my phone and wanted to go check into the hotel. I found
one of the other girls we came with and cashed out. I found the wife and the
last member of the quartet at the bar on the outside of the casino. Be warned,
inside the casino drinks are free, outside they cost. This was not a big
problem, the two ladies had chips, salsa and two 24 oz. margaritas for about
$12, that is a pretty good deal to me.

Off to the hotel, we stayed that the Holiday
, in Bossier City. Not a bad place, check in was quick and through Expedia
the room was only $69 a night. The room was nice and clean, the highlight for
the ladies was the hot tub near the pool. I stayed in the room and worked on a
cat nap. Well everyone out of the pool and back to the casino.

Note on dress attire for the casino: Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt,
some were a nice shirt and slacks, others were sweats and t-shirt. What you wear
in my opinion, makes little difference is all on what you gamble and what you
loose. However, if you look like a bum, the chances are you are not going to be
able to ask for all the perks with confidence. Most of the time I wear jeans and
a collared shirt. But its all on what you feel comfortable wearing.

Dinner time: We arrive at the Horseshoe
thinking food, the line to the buffet is long and the wife was not
feeling like a buffet again anyway. So we walk over the the restaurant called
Jack Binion’s Steak House. Prices were very reasonable and the food was good,
their website recommend reservations, we had no problem with a party of 4 being
seated right away on Saturday night at 8pm. There is a downside, the service was
horrible, our server was slow. It took 30 min to get our salad, and then an hour
and half after that to get our meal. Drink refills were very slow 30 min (and
the manager filled our drinks one time as well), now keep in mind I was needing caffeine
at this time to get me through the long night of gambling. All in all, I will
most likely never eat there again. Unless they would like to e-mail
with an apology and maybe a free meal 🙂

The rest of the Horseshoe, I enjoy all of the Jack Binion’s casinos. To me
its the old Vegas feeling, even when in Bossier City. As we walked into the
casino, they had the traditional million dollars behind glass. I think its a
great site, there have been many a time in Vegas that I walked past their
million dollar glass block and thought of winning it all. But not tonight,
Horseshoe was hoping with people. There was only one $5 table with 4 people
lined up to play and roulette and craps were packed even with $15 tables. This
was not the night to be there. The popular casinos are always packed on the
weekends, and the Horseshoe is no exception. Why you ask? good comps. In Vegas
we were playing roulette for around 5 hours at $1 bet each spin, about as low
roller as you can get, however the pit boss was still nice enough to offer us
breakfast comp for our patronage. Unable to find a seat we took off out the
door, as we left I checked out the Cigar stand. Nice selection with prices that
you would expect for a casino smoke shop around 40% higher than you would pay at
a local shop.

We decided to head across the river to the Shreveport side. Our destination
was Harrah’s. Nice place, not to smoky with
alot of tables. The place was not too busy since it was now 11 pm. Unlike Vegas,
Louisiana gambling seems to slow down after 10 pm, this is mainly do to the day
trip busses leaving. Of course do not get me wrong its still very busy. I was
able to find a good $10 roulette table and hit several times for some quick
wins. The table next to me was hot and hotter, fourteen actually hit five times
in a row, one guy won in the area of $2600 from one of the hits. After the wheel
went cold I went over to try some craps. I enjoy the game and the high energy,
but to bad for us, that there were alot of people at one end betting on the
Don’t Pass Line. I hate that, its like chanting “”I hope you loose
Sucker!””. Too bad for them this one guy threw four points in a row
including a 10. I walked away from there with $100 extra. I sat down to fade the
night away at blackjack. I do so-so, Maximus is the real blackjack wizard. He
has all those rules down, when I tend to go with my gut on when to hit and stay.
At 5am we called it a night and went to sleep.

All in all a great trip and a fun time. I will be going back there soon, I

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