Remember to Tip

Tipping your drink girl or guy, is important. But its also your gambling money, so tip based on service. A good rule of thumb is a dollar every two drinks, or every other time. Always tip well if your server is fast to get your drink and refill. Dealer, this is another matter, the dealer is not gonna give you any of the money back if you loose it, so do not feel obligated. That being said, I tip based on how my run is going. Or if I like the dealer and they are contributing to my enjoyment of gambling.

Casino and Gaming Television! How sweet is this?

If you are like me you love to gamble. Well if you are like me you have cable TV.

The Travel Channel has been at the forefront of Casino and Gambling for years. If you ever watch The Travel Channel you might notice that its 75% Vegas and gambling. This week in fact is Vegas [...]